Our Message


The East Valley Fire Department is dedicated to serving and protecting our community with the highest regard given to integrity, compassion, trust and professionalism.



The East Valley Fire Department is always striving to provide exceptional customer service in a dynamic and growing community through leadership, training, public education, preparedness and stewardship of our resources.




The members of the East Valley Fire Department are extremely loyal to our citizens which count on us, our District that we protect, and our brothers and sisters we work side by side with in the fire service.  We will consistently do the right thing in every situation we face, and dedicate ourselves to the fire service and its ethics.


We will serve in a selfless manner providing the best possible service in every situation. We understand our moral obligation of upholding each other and strive to improve ourselves consistently to serve at the highest level possible.


We honor our past by remembering those who walked before us, through embracing our departments history and showing depth of integrity that would make our predecessors proud.

We honor today with an unwavering commitment to excellence in all that we do

We honor the future by maintaining a disciplined focus on our values, participating in dynamic training, and showing exemplary leadership that will shape the future of our Fire District its members, and the community we serve.