Meet The Chief

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Dale Hille, and as of August 1, I have the honor and privilege of being the new Fire Chief for Yakima County Fire District 4.  My wife Paula and I have purchased a house, and are thrilled to be living in the East Valley, learning daily about this beautiful area which we now call home.

I come into this position with a diverse background, including twenty years as the operator of a dryland wheat farm, and several years of managing a resort area on the Columbia River.  I started my fire service career over 37 years ago as a volunteer firefighter, which I continued for 25 years before being hired as a career fire officer in the Quincy Valley.

I have been asked several times since I came “what brought you to YCFD4?”  The answer to that question has many pieces, but the short answer is that I see this as an opportunity to serve in a community that shows strong support to their fire district, as well as work to support an incredible group of people, both career and volunteer, that give their best to make others lives better on a daily basis.  Your fire district is extremely competent and well equipped with strong leadership from a Board of Fire Commissioners that have a passion for your safety and the health and well-being of its members.  I am proud to be part of this team.

The volume of calls for service have been increasing yearly as both residential and commercial growth are consistent and inevitable.  This is not unique to East Valley, but has been the trend in emergency services throughout the nation.  It is the reason that those in the Fire Service must be constantly looking forward to what the needs will be and how we can meet those needs.  Your Board of Commissioners along with the staff and volunteers have responded to the local increase for service with a complete remodel of Station 42 in Terrace Heights.  It now has the ability to have 24/7, 365-day coverage utilizing both career and volunteer staffing.  Having just received the occupancy permit for the building, we are busy working out the staffing plan for this facility.  This is a great addition to the emergency services in the area.

In today’s uncertain and changing world, you can count on personnel of East Valley Fire and Rescue to be there when you need us.  That is constant and will not change.  We are here for your emergency needs when called.  We all thank you and appreciate the support you, our community, give to us on a constant basis in so many ways.     

My wife and I are excited to be here and look forward to the amazing opportunities that the Yakima Valley has to offer and meeting our neighbors in East Valley.    

Dale E. Hille

Fire Chief

Yakima County Fire District #4

East Valley Fire and Rescue