Yakima County Fire District #4 was officially organized on March 10th, 1947 when Mr. J.M. Burke, Mr. James Perrault and Mr. Lloyd R. Meyer met for the first time as newly elected Fire Commissioners. Volunteer companies were organized in both Moxee and Terrace Heights. The Commission appointed Oscar Tate as the Chief of the Department. Coats and boots were issued and drills were conducted and on July 22, 1948 the district received its first “red wagon” which was placed in service just in time for the busy Hop harvest season at the Moxee fire station. The districts second “red wagon” arrived on September 28th, 1948 and was placed in service at Terrace Heights fire station.

Over the years, both the competitive and independent nature of the Moxee and Terrace Heights companies grew to the extent where each station was essentially recognized as an independent Department. Volunteer Fire Chiefs were appointed for each station and, though still under the legislative authority of the District’s Board of Commissioners, the two stations operated essentially independently. 

In 1990, the Commissioners elected to employ two full time Fire Chief‘s, Chief Stan Hankins as the Chief of the Terrace heights fire station and Chief Adrian Jacobs as the Chief of the Moxee fire station. This further enforced the independence of each company. To help overcome the separation in January of 1998 the two Chiefs where consolidated into a single position and Chief  Pat Spencer was appointed as Chief of the district . 

After fifty years, the department has emerged into a well-staffed, well equipped and highly competent, fire safety and rescue protection agency.  The Department now services a mix of industry, concentrated residential areas and intermingled farmland and dwellings. The Districts total population is over 23,000 people. In 2019 the department responded to 1,219 emergency incidents.

Currently the department is staffed by 15 full time personnel including a Fire Chief, 13 Career Firefighter/EMT’s and a District Secretary providing the 24/7 coverage, in addition the full time staff work in conjunction with approximately 24 Paid on Call Firefighters and Support personnel to provide the best services possible to the residents of Yakima County Fire District #4.