Station 42

Engine 42

Year: 2019

Make: KME

Model: Panther MFD

General information:

750 Gallon tank

1750 GPM Pump

Full complement of extrication tools 

E-42 is staffed with a minimum of 2 career personnel 24/7 and is cross staffed with BR-42. E-42 responds to all incidents in the districts coverage area including EMS calls.

Brush 42

Year: 2004

Make: Ford/Perrault Manufacturing

Model: F-550

General information:

500 Gallon tank

140 GPM pump

Staffed by Paid-on-call personnel, who respond into the station from home. When responding BR-42 is staffed with a minimum of 2 qualified Fire/EMS personnel.

Tender 42

Year: 2001

Make: Kenworth / Central States Fire Apparatus

Model: T800E

General information:

3000 Gallon tank

500 GPM pump

Serves as water supply for both wild land and structure fire responses. When responding T-42 is staffed with a minimum of 1 Fire/EMS qualified person


4007 Commonwealth Dr. (Terrace Heights)
Yakima, WA 98901